ApacheCon Europe 2000
London, England
October 23-25, 2000

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The deadline for submitting session proposals has passed. We are not accepting any more proposals at this time.

Fees and Expenses

The ApacheCon Europe 2000 conference will pay the following expenses1 for scheduled speakers:

  • Round-trip coach-class airfare to the conference venue if and ONLY if booked at least 30 days before departure and totalling less than $650;
  • A one-time $75 fee for miscellaneous expenses (tips, taxi, etc. -- no receipts required);
  • $40 per day for meals (lunch and Continental breakfast are provided for all delegates);
  • Hotel accommodations at the conference; and
  • All conference registration fees are waived.

Speakers are paid an honorarium of $100 per hour of presentation given. Speakers are REQUIRED to provide both presentation and session notes. Failure to provide notes by the appropriate deadlines may result in a reduced speaker's fee.

'Presentation notes' are the slides or viewgraphs you use during your presentation; 'session notes' are detailed prose material that covers the content of your session. Session notes must be detailed enough to allow a non-attendee to obtain essentially the same information as those who actually attend the session; bullet lists and viewgraph slide shots do not qualify. Both types of notes MUST be provided in RTF format.

1 All amounts are in U.S. dollars.


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