ApacheCon US 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
13-17 November 2004

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Derby Contest Rules and Information

Derby Contest Information and Rules

The contest is to take place ON-SITE at ApacheCon. Submissions for the contest will be accepted from Monday morning until Tuesday evening, after which they will be evaluated by a panel of judges. The results of the contest will be announced at the Closing Plenary session on Wednesday evening, and the prizes will be awarded at that time. NOTE: You must be present at the Closing Plenary in order to win any prizes!

Contest Rules

  • Must use Derby's functionality and capability
  • Must integrate Derby with one or more other Apache projects
  • Innovative solution
  • Result can be a tool, mini-application, or any other demonstration of Derby integration

Submission Rules

Entrants must provide a short description of their entry and explain how they meet the above criteria. Write-up must be suitable for posting in the Apache Derby User mailing list.

  • Contest entries must be completed and submitted by 6:00 pm Tuesday 11/16.
  • Submissions are due (via tarball/zip/laptop/punch cards) by the deadline
  • Entrants will be required to execute/demonstrate the application Tuesday evening 11/16 in Apollo 1
  • All entries are considered individual submissions
  • IBM employees and ApacheCon staff are ineligible
  • All entries are considered contributions under submitters' Apache CLA, or as a contribution under the Apache License, Version 2.

How to Submit

Package your code into a single file (such as a tarball or a zip file), and prepare your abstract/description. Then go to the submission page, browse to your package file, enter your abstract, and press 'submit'. That's it!

Entries judged on ...

  • Exploiting Derby (we think it rocks, show us why)
  • Integration with Another ASF Project (nothing stands on its own)
  • Usefulness (this is Apache, after all)
  • Cool Factor (this is ApacheCon, after all)
  • Elegance (in all its quasi-mystical grandeur)


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