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09 April 2008

  System Administration
Room 1
Java and AJAX Development
Room 2
The Business of Open Source
Room 3
09:00 Opening Plenary & State of the Feather
Jim Jagielski
09:30 KEYNOTE • Using Audio Technology and Open Content to Reduce Global Illiteracy, Poverty and Disease
Cliff Schmidt
10:30 Introduction to Apache mod_rewrite
Rich Bowen
Apache MINA v2 - The High-Performance Protocol Construction Toolkit
Niklas Gustavsson
Panel: The Business of Open Source - Power, Prestige, and Propulsion
Sally Khudairi
11:30 Apache HTTP Server Performance Tuning Part 1: Scaling Up
Sander Temme
Securing Java EE 5.0 Applications with Apache Geronimo
Vamsavardhana Reddy Chillakuru
Your Open Source strategy sucks!
Gianugo Rabellino
12:30 Lunch • Sponsored by Hewlett-Packard
14:00 Apache HTTP Server Performance Tuning Part 2: Scaling Out
Sander Temme
Apache Felix - A Standard Plugin Model for Apache
Richard S. Hall
Open Source Collaboration Tools are Good For You!
Bertrand Delacretaz
15:00 Load-balancing with Apache HTTPD 2.2 and later
Erik Abele
Apache Wicket - web development with just Java
Gerolf Seitz
Open Source Business in Europe
Arje Cahn
16:00 Break • Sponsored by Hewlett-Packard
16:30 Scaling the download infrastructure with your success
Peter Poeml
Advanced JavaServer Faces - Using cool JSF Technologies
Matthias Wessendorf
Making Sense of Open Source Licenses
J Aaron Farr
17:30 Break My Site
Jeremy Quinn
Building scalable AJAX Push applications using Comet
Jeanfrancois Arcand
Creation Myths: Three Centuries of Open Source and Copyright
Karl Fogel
18:30 Welcome Reception and Key Signing - Sponsored by Stone Circle Productions