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ApacheCon is a week of open source goodness straight from the source of the Apache Software Foundation, featuring 15 intense training classes over two days followed by three days of more than 50 sessions by the creators of open source software such as the Apache webserver, Tomcat, Lucene, Wicket and more.


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ApacheCon Session

Advanced JavaServer Faces - Using cool JSF Technologies

JavaServer Faces is now real, but there are some issues you have to be aware of, when using JSF inside your project. This session gives you a detailed overview on the best mix of JSF-related technologies, such as Apache MyFaces, Apache Shale, Facelets, Apache Trinidad and Ajax. The session also covers the integration of JSF with the business tier, using the Spring 2 Framework, the Java Persistence API standard (Apache OpenJPA) and Apache Derby. You'll get some architecture best-practices for your next project.