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ApacheCon is a week of open source goodness straight from the source of the Apache Software Foundation, featuring 15 intense training classes over two days followed by three days of more than 50 sessions by the creators of open source software such as the Apache webserver, Tomcat, Lucene, Wicket and more.


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ApacheCon Session

KEYNOTE • Apache 3.0 (a tall tale)

Thirteen years ago, the Apache Group founders finished the first beta release of Apache httpd, having reached the end of their initial pile of small improvements, and began to look forward to a complete rewrite of the server architecture. Suddenly, our forward progress slowed to a trickle, mailing list traffic dropped by two-thirds, and our focus diverged.

The small steps of group collaboration were useless for crossing such a chasm of design.  Were it not for an individual leap by Robert Thau, the project would have surely died a slow death of mediocrity. Likewise, were it not for a willingness of the group to accept and admire individual leaps, the new design would have died a slow death of neglect.

Today, we face a new chasm, and our past successes have only made it wider and deeper than before. This talk is about the other side.