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Geir Magnusson Jr.

Geir Magnusson Jr. is a software engineer at Joost, working on the advertising platform and monetization systems. Prior to that, he worked on middleware and java strategy at Intel, open source java strategy in the areas of J2EE and J2SE for IBM, and was the VP of Products and Strategy for Gluecode, Inc prior to it's acquisition by IBM. Geir is a proud member of the Apache Software Foundation and currently represents the ASF on the JCP's Executive Committee. A past director and PMC chair, he is an active contributor to several Apache projects and activities, and is very interested in helping the ASF grow and continue to create great communities and software. He is interested in how open source will continue to change how organizations and individuals collaborate, and how independent projects and communities can be brought together to solve larger technical problems, for which Apache Geronimo and Apache Harmony are examples. His current focus at Apache is the Apache Harmony project (in incubation).