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Go Light with Apache Struts 2 and REST

Web services donn’t have to be complex, XML-laden beasts that fight with the very nature of HTTP. By building your application with Struts 2, you can use the same presentation framework to provide HTML and REST-ful web services that leverage, not obscure, the mature features of the HTTP protocol. This session provides a quick introduction to Struts 2 and REST in general, and then dives into the particulars of how to build REST-enabled Struts 2 applications. Then, we look at a regular, HTML-generating Struts 2 application and show how it can be easily extended to expose self-describing REST services suitable for external consumption. Finally, this session discusses the lessons learned from a recent deployment using Struts 2 and REST.

Orientation: Developer
Level: Experienced
Categories: Case Study,Java,New Technologies,Web Services,XML