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Apache Jakarta Cactus

Maybe most of you are wondering what is going on lately with Cactus, since there has been no active changes for quite a long time (more than a year). The aim of the presentation would be not only to show new features or cool tricks using the product, but also to make a retrospection of what has been done by far, what have changed in the current state (there is a lot changed), and what are the future benefits we are trying to implement. The sheer lecture starts with a brief discussion on what are the benefits from testing our source code, especialy the benefits of in-container testing. We discuss the possible solutions when dealing with in-container testing. Also what are Cactus's strong and weak places. Next I would present a detailed list of what is changed in the current Cactus release: Maven2 build system, Cactus-Maven2 plugin, Cactus-Cargo intergration (and the new Ant tasks that derive from that integration), New web-site design along with a new maven skin, CactusTestNG integration (eventually), and walk through each of these components with real examples.