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Competing for Contracts

Many independent software developers/consultants gain tremendous leverage from open source libraries and applications. Ten years ago, an independent developer starting out needed to spend thousands of dollars on development tools and other software; now there are a myriad of open source libraries, databases, server applications, even phone systems. How can you get the best benefit from open source -- and avoid the worst traps-- when offering consulting or custom development services? This talk will cover a wide variety of topics including how to choose which tools to use, handling licensing issues, creating contracts that permit you to contribute back to an open source project, when to highlight that you are using open source and when to embed it, using open source phone and web systems to present a professional corporate identity, and the potential tension between for-pay consulting and community involvement. Specific examples from the presenter will be abundant, and the audience will be encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and anecdotes. Open source is more than a social movement -- it's a competitive advantage, especially for the independent developer.

Orientation: Business
Level: Novice
Categories: E-Commerce, Licensing