ACME and mod_md: tls certificates made easy

Giovanni Bechis

English Session 2021-08-08 16:50 GMT+8  #webserverandtomcat

ACME is a protocol for automating certificate lifecycle management communications between Certificate Authorities (CAs) and a company’s web servers.

  • The most known implementation is the one made by Let’s Encrypt non-profit CA.
  • There are many other implementation and one of the most attractive and easy to use is Apache httpd mod_md.
  • During the talk I will explain why ACME protocol is important to secure web sites and how mod_md could ease the transition to a more secure www.


Giovanni Bechis: Giovanni is a senior IT administrator and developer with experience in enterprise architectures, SQL and NoSQL databases. He has been in the web and mail industry since the 90’s and has been an open-source evangelist on all companies he has worked. He is also a committer for Apache SpamAssassin, Apache httpd and OpenBSD projects. He is a frequent speaker on international conferences about Linux, web and mail server technologies.