Evolution and typical scenes of Flink-based real time computing platform in Qihoo 360

Fan Xinpu

Chinese Session 2021-08-07 16:10 GMT+8  #streaming

We will introduce the development of Qihoo 360 real-time computing platform and some typical business scenarios of the real-time computing platform built on Flink in the near future. First, we will share the development history of the Qihoo 360 real-time computing platform and its recent usage. Secondly, we will share the experience and insights of the two larger versions in the platform construction. Next, we will share what useful attempts have been made based on the open source version of Flink. Finally, we would like to discuss with you the next step of platform construction.


Fan Xinpu: Fan Xinpu is a real-time computing engineer from Qihoo 360’s system department. He is mainly responsible for platform construction for job based on Flink, and Flink technology promotion within the company.