Dirty-rectangle Rendering with Apache ECharts

Wenli Zhang

English Session 2021-08-06 14:10 GMT+8  #datavisualization

The Canvas rendering engine needs to erase the entire canvas and then redraw all the elements. However, for scenes with tens of thousands of graphics in a single Canvas, this usually means interaction lag because of the long redraw time for each frame. Therefore, in Apache ECharts 5, we introduced the dirty rectangle rendering technique to remedy these problems. By erasing and redrawing only the modified parts of the Canvas each time, we can reduce the number of graphics redrawn in each frame and improve the experience of the interaction. In this presentation, I will describe the application of the dirty rectangle rendering algorithm in the visualization domain.


Wenli Zhang: Wenli Zhang is the VP and one of the core contributors of Apache ECharts and is passionate about data visualization. She is dedicated to bringing people closer to abstract data through visualization and other means to discover interesting stories in the data.