Why Apache Superset is Betting on Apache ECharts

Ville Brofeldt

English Session 2021-08-06 13:30 GMT+8  #datavisualization

Apache Superset is a powerful open source visualization platform, having recently graduated from the Apache Incubator and reaching the version 1.0 milestone. This talk walks through the reasons why Apache Superset is transitioning to using Apache ECharts as its main charting library. We’ll share some of the pain points the project was struggling with, and why ECharts was found to be the perfect fit to power Superset going forward. In addition we’ll show what’s on the roadmap and what new exciting features can be expected in the future.


Ville Brofeldt: Ville is a committer and PMC member at Apache Superset committer and PMC member, and has a long history of working in various data roles, ranging from predictive analytics, data warehousing, data engineering to data visualization. Ville currently works at Preset Inc, which offers a fully hosted, hassle free cloud service for Apache Superset.