echarts4r: ECharts integration with the R programming language

John Coene

English Session 2021-08-06 16:50 GMT+8  #datavisualization

The R programming language, though initially focused on statistics, has evolved into a true general purpose programming language. R allows easily leveraging other languages such as C, C++, Python, and, more recently, JavaScript.

This talk is about the integration of ECharts with R (echarts4r) to enable programmers to (very) easily create interactive charts from various R datasets, models, and more.

The echarts4r package balances easy-of-use and customisability; one can create most ECharts plots in just 2-3 lines of code but nonetheless customise every aspect of chart: all options of the original JavaScript library are accessible from the R integration, and all chart types are integrated.


John Coene: John Coene has 9 years of experience ranging from data analysis to software engineering. The first five of the those years were spent in China working for companies such as Ipsos and Cheetah Mobile. The following 3 were spent in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. John has recently set up his own consulting company, Opifex.

John is also the author of the soon-published JavaScript for R book (CRC Press R Series).