Bleeding edge engineering methods follows apache way

Kanchana Welagedara

English Session 2021-08-08 16:50 GMT+8  #community

With the ongoing pandemic it was evidently proven that distributed teams can productively delivery quality software . Industry has started following Apache way is the new normal to practice apache way to achieve technical collaborations. Apache way has become the bleeding edge engineering methods to build a better engineering system . How to adopt to Apache way with in the firewall is not experimental any more , let’s learn and discuss how it is also possible .

  1. Better Engineering Collaboration

  2. Develop quality code .

  3. Quality mentorship

  4. Transparency

  5. Realization of what works


Kanchana Welagedara: Long time Open source enthusiast, member of Apache Software Foundation, Member of FinTech open source, Via JPMorgan , Speaker for several Apache Conferences and events , Linux foundation,Women in Tech , InnerSource commons and many other technical conferences.