How to Make Company be the Top Open Source Contributor

Yu Liu, Jennifer Huang

English Session 2021-08-07 13:30 GMT+8  #community

In today’s increasingly connected world, there are enormous companies participating in various open-source projects. Many of the companies are not just consumers, they contribute back to the open-source communities. This talk deeply dives into how the company (StreamNative) works productively with the open-source community (Apache Pulsar) by following the principles of Apache Way. It also demonstrates how the company solves the challenges in the community and evolves with the community sustainably. Moreover, it reveals how the company can be a great supporter to reinforce the value of collaboration in a shared software development environment and achieve great milestones for the open-source community.


Yu Liu: Yu Liu is a committer for two Apache Top-Level Projects — Apache Pulsar and Apache Trafodion. She is a content strategist and responsible for community growth and content development.

Jennifer Huang: Jennifer Huang is an Apache Pulsar PMC. She works as a senior content strategist at StreamNative, responsible for Apache Pulsar documentation and growth of the community.