Open Source Community Growth by a Modern Way

Dianjin Wang

Chinese Session 2021-08-07 14:00 GMT+8  #community

As we all know, in the traditional open source communities, there are some classic ways and experiences for us to manage and maintain the community, which are great inspirations for us. But as the community changes with different communications tools, industry technology trends, and COSS company’s strong impact, there’s a need for one community manager to adopt modern operation ways for maintaining one community, such as AB testing, hacking growth model, and community user’s journey optimization, and motivating contributions to projects. They’re not totally new ways, but lack adoptions for open source communities, which are still run in the old ways. It’s time to bring these new methods to open source communities. In this talk, I will share my thoughts and experience to provide a reference for community managers.


Dianjin Wang: Dianjin Wang is the community manager at StreamNative. He focuses on building a friendly, strong Apache Pulsar community. He has extensive experience in the open source community, user growth and marketing of SaaS.