How TiDB build Community

Wink Yao

Chinese Session 2021-08-08 14:10 GMT+8  #community

Talking about how PingCAP is trying to build an international open-source community in China. How PingCAP has explored, learned, and built TiDB into what it is today. Here we will discuss what is unique to TiDB Community, and what are unchanged principles are also followed by the apache foundation and the LSF.


Wink Yao: Was in charge of the open-source MySQL middleware project(Atlas) in the Qihoo 360 infrastructure team, and started his own Android push system, JuNengTui, in 2012. After joining PingCAP, I led some engineering teams(the TiDB SQL Infra Team, TiKV transaction Team, PD Team). Now I mainly focus on community development.