The tricks and techniques of running an open source community

Zhuang Biaowei

Chinese Session 2021-08-08 14:50 GMT+8  #community

During the operation of the open source community, we have many methods, indicators, and tools. However, above all these, the most important thing is still people, the communication between people, the feelings generated in the process of communication, and the creativity generated due to sudden inspiration, which should be called “mind skill”. This is the most difficult part of the open-source community operation.


Zhuang Biaowei: senior product manager of HUAWEI CLOUD, and director of the kaiyuanshe for 2020-2021. He has been working in the “front line” of programming since he graduated from university in 1997. He has always been dedicated to promoting and serving open source, loves communities, and participates in communication activities in various communities.