Running open source community in China, the experiences from openEuler.

Zhenyu Zheng, Bolin Li

English Session 2021-08-08 16:10 GMT+8  #community

From the github report 2020, Asia has became the 2nd largest region for active open source contributors and among all the Asia countries, China is the country with the most contributors, about 10% of the total contributors across the world, and is predicted to continuously growing fast to about 15% of the total contributors across the world in the next decade.

From the above statistics, we believe that to be able to successfully run an open source community in China is one of key element to become a successful open source community in the future.

The openEuler community was founded in H2 2020 and growing very fast and became one of the most successful open source communities in China, it currently has over 3000 active contributors and over 60K users. In this presentation, we would like to share the experiences from openEuler community about how to attract contributors in China with SIGs(Special Interests Groups), local events, and small tricks that can help you run your community and events more suitable to Chinese contributors' taste. We would also like to share how did the openEuler community work with universities to attract students contributors which are very energetic and creative, making the community more successful.


Zhenyu Zheng: Zhenyu Zheng has been working in Open Source communities for over 6 years, contributed to open source projects like OpenStack, Libvirt, Hadoop, Hive etc. Currently serve as openEuler SIG-AI-BigData and SIG-DB maintainer.

Bolin Li: openEuler community-university collaboration liaison. Experienced in Linux Kernel and Linux Network.