Building an authentication & authorization system using HashiCorp Vault


Chinese Session 2021-08-08 13:30 GMT+8  (ROOM : B) #bigdata

Learn how to build an authentication & authorization system for Apache Pulsar using Hashicorp Vault. Vault provides a secure way to generate tokens and store sensitive data and Pulsar has a pluggable architecture for authentication, authorization, and secret management. This talk will walk through how to build an authentication and authentication system for pulsar based on vault, mainly including the following points:

  1. build flexible authentication based on vault to ensure that pulsar clusters can easily access various systems, such as LDAP
  2. how to implement service accounts based on app role of vault


guangning: I am an Apache Pulsar committer and the main contributor to Apache Pulsar IO and Apache Pulsar Manager. I work as a senior software engineer at StreamNative, where he specializes in the cloud platform, cloud computing, and big data-related fields.