Advanced User Behavior Analysis System Based on Apache Impala & Kudu

Qianqiong Zhang

Chinese Session 2021-08-07 14:10 GMT+8  (ROOM : B) #bigdata

SensorsData Co., LTD is now one of the largest BigData platform and martech product supplier in China. Today, At Sensors Data, to over 1000 companies, we deliver advanced user behavior analysis solutions that built on Impala and Kudu. More than 200 billion user events are ingested daily on 1000+ separated on-premise platforms. During the evolution of the platform, we have gained some practical experience.

The share is about:

  1. Real-time data importing: multi-layer storage
  2. Improvement of query robustness: resource estimation and scheduling strategy
  3. Query performance improvement: query optimization


Qianqiong Zhang: Qianqiong Zhang is a big data architect at Sensorsdata, working in the infrastructure department, responsible for developing distributed storage and computing systems. He has very rich experience in system optimization of hadoop, kudu, impala, flink and other Apache systems in his work.