Cassandra powered workflows to automate at scale

Maciej Swiderski

English Session 2021-08-07 13:30 GMT+8  (ROOM : B) #bigdata

Nowadays, more and more data is distributed across many geographical locations and as such must be available in almost any location where users are. This can be by applying „follow the sun” organization setup or by supporting various businesses that rely on „anywhere data accessibility”. Apache Cassandra brings the required distributed data mechanics to power up workflow based services and functions. Workflows provide data processing layers that can be expressed as services, functions or even function flows that are designed to run anywhere and that require access to data in a highly distributed manner. In this presentation you will see a practical use of Apache Cassandra that enables running workflow based business logic at scale - from traditional services, to functions and function flows running in serverless fashion where Apache Cassandra shows its features in the best possible way. Combining workflows with Apache Cassandra enables various use cases that were not available with traditional approaches mainly constrained by data access challenges.


Maciej Swiderski: Maciej is an independent software engineer at OpenEnterprise. Since 2007 he is in business automation and workflow domain both from development point of view and helping to adopt business automation in different sectors. The last several years he spent at building and running workflows at scale utilising various cloud native solutions e.g. Kubernetes, KNative. He’s passionate about open source and tries to promote it wherever possible. He is also a creator of open source project Automatiko ( that aims at building services and functions based on workflows. In his spare time he enjoys calm and relax life on country side and travels.