Apache Kylin 4.0 : an architectural upgrade and a new path to tuning


Chinese Session 2021-08-08 14:50 GMT+8  (ROOM : A) #bigdata

Apache Kylin 4.0 is a major architectural upgrade from Kylin 3, which replaces HBase storage with Parquet, a true columnar storage, to improve file scanning performance. In terms of build and query, the Spark-based build engine and query engine have been re-implemented, eliminating many of the drawbacks of previous versions and making it possible to separate compute and storage. For the majority of Kylin users, with the architecture upgrade, the tuning idea will also change from the original MR + HBase optimization to Spark + Parquet optimization, so this speaker will introduce the new tuning path of Apache Kylin 4.0 from several aspects, such as architecture upgrade, build tuning and query tuning. This session will introduce the new tuning path of Apache Kylin 4.0, helping users to quickly master the new Kylin 4.0.


Zhichao Zhang: Apache Kylin Committer && Apache CarbonData Committer and PMC, working in Kyligence, mainly responsible for Apache Kylin development, optimization and promotion.