Milvus: A Vector Database for Unstructured Data Processing

Xiaofan Luan

English Session 2021-08-08 16:10 GMT+8  (ROOM : A) #bigdata

This presentation will talk about the increasing demands and challenges for unstructured data processing in in the AI era and how vector database comes to rescue. As the world’s most popular open source vector database, Milvus has been adopted by over 1000 organizations. We will present the technical insides about Milvus and also the forth coming execiting features and innovations in Milvus 2.0. We will also give examples and demos on how Milvus is helping various corporation with applications in computer vision, NLP, recommendation systems and AI drug discovery.


Xiaofan luan, partner and director of engineering at Zilliz, member of Technical Advisory Committee of LF AI & data foundation. He worked successively in the US headquarters of Oracle and Hedvig, a software defined storage startup. He joined Alibaba cloud database team and was in charge of the development of NoSQL database HBase and Lindorm. Xiaofan Luan received his master degree in electronic computer engineering from Cornell University.