EventMesh: Event-Driven Distributed Application Runtime

Eason Chen

Chinese Session 2021-08-07 16:10 GMT+8  #incubator

The growth of distributed application architecture hits a brick wall when only using synchronous APIs for integration due to fragility and scalability limitations. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals need an additional tool in their toolbox to ensure success in their modernization efforts. This report explains how to best employ event driven architecture (EDA) to address the complexities of modern distributed application architecture. Various patterns of EDA have emerged: event notification, event-carried state transfer, and event sourcing. AD&D pros implementing EDA need to understand their trade-offs and select the correct one for their needs. An additional pattern, called event mesh, ties it all together. EventMesh is a dynamic cloud-native eventing infrastruture used to decouple the application and backend middleware layer, which supports a wide range of use cases that encompass complex multi-cloud, widely distributed topologies using diverse technology stacks.


Eason Chen: Linux OpenMessaging TSC,Apache RocketMQ committer,Apache EventMesh(incubating) original founder, Specialist of Middleware Platform Team in WeBank.