Apache Dubbo 3 - A more Cloud Native and high performance cross platform RPC framework

Albumen Kevin (江河清)

Chinese Session 2021-08-06 14:10 GMT+8  #api

In recent years, Apache Dubbo has been widely used for microservice governance based on Java language. There are three keywords about Dubbo 3, cloud native, high performance, cross platform.

In the future, we plan to make Dubbo 3 become more Cloud Natively and Dubbo can work with Cloud Native infrastructure like Kubernetes, Istio, etc in a more native way. For high performance, we will introduce a new kind service register model and conduct a series of performance stress tests to strengthen Dubbo. As for cross platform, next generation communication protocol, triple, based on HTTP/2 and grpc will make Dubbo communicate with other application more easier and more traffic management facilities friendly. Also, Dubbogo will simultaneous release with java implementation.


Albumen Kevin (江河清): Apache Dubbo Committer

Interested in microservice and leading Kubernetes Native Service and xDS implementation for Dubbo.