Implementation of Kubernetes Ingress based on Apache APISIX

Wei Jin

Chinese Session 2021-08-07 14:50 GMT+8  #api

Introduce the advantages of Kubernetes Ingress based on Apache APISIX and the features of Apache APISIX Ingress.

  • What is ingress
  • Key features of Apache APISIX Ingress
  • What are our advantages
  • Examples
  • Direction to continue iterating
  • Welcome to contribute


Wei Jin: Apache APISIX PMC / Apache apisix-ingress-controller Founder / Apache Skywalking Committer.

Lead the Apache apisix-ingress-controller project(

Participate in contributing to projects such as Apache APISIX / Apache Skywalking.

As a lecturer, he has given lectures many times, including Apache APISIX DevCon 2020, Opentalk (6th issue) online live broadcast.