APISIX Application and Practice in Mobile Cloud Object Storage EOS


Chinese Session 2021-08-07 15:30 GMT+8  #api

The topic of this presentation is about the application and practical experience of APISIX in China Mobile’s public cloud object storage EOS. Firstly, we introduced the construction plan of China Mobile’s public cloud and the evolution of its object storage products, then we explained why we chose APISIX as the load balancing gateway and gave a detailed introduction of the three phases of the evolution of the EOS traffic management architecture. We also shared what practical production problems we have solved based on APISIX, what solutions and development work we have done, and finally explained some of our future evolution plans.


Yanshan Chen: After graduation, he has been engaged in distributed storage software development and architecture design, and has been deeply involved in the construction process of China Mobile Cloud. At the same time, he has rich practical experience in the field of distributed object storage, and is currently thinking of implementing object storage traffic governance based on APISIX seven-tier gateway to achieve further architectural upgrade.