Test Apache APISIX Resilience with Chaos Mesh

Shuyang Wu

English Session 2021-08-06 14:50 GMT+8  #api

Apache APISIX is one of the leading API gateway OSS. To ensure everything works as intended, APISIX uses different kinds of tests including unit, e2e, and fuzzing tests. However, we are still uncertain about how APISIX would perform when some abnormal but inevitable situations happen, say network faults, IO stress, or pod failure.

So here we use Chaos Mesh, a Kubernetes-based Chaos Engineering Platform to smoothly inject different kinds of chaos, and integrate them into our CI pipelines. At the end of this talk, the audiences would get to know in which aspects would Chaos Engineering benefit API gateway, and how to integrate Chaos Mesh into your own testing pipeline.


Shuyang Wu: Shuyang is Apache APISIX and Chaos Mesh committer, and currently work as Software Engineer Intern in API7. He led the integration of Chaos Mesh into Apache APISIX CI.