Welcoming Diversity

Sharan Foga

English Session 2021-08-06 09:20 GMT+8  #keynote

Diversity and Inclusion has always been an important part of our ASF project communities. Being able to work and collaborate remotely with a wide range of people has been a core strength in the growth of all our communities. How we attract, welcome and collaborate with a wide range of contributors can sometimes be difficult. What signals can communities give to show that they want and value diverse contributors? And once you attract these contributors, how to do we know or measure how well we are doing?

In this talk I will discuss some of the challenges we continue to face in becoming diverse communities and also identify some strategies and tools that may be able to help.


Sharan Foga:

Sharan Foga has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) since 2008 and has presented at several conferences about ‘The Apache Way’ of engaging and empowering communities. She enjoys working actively with projects on on open source community management.

She is VP Apache Kibble and a PMC Member several Apache projects including Apache Community Development, Apache OFBiz and Apache Training (Incubating). Sharan is an Apache Member and earlier this year was elected to serve on the ASF Board of Directors.