Cultivating Open Source Communities

Willem Jiang

Chinese Session 2021-08-06 09:50 GMT+8  #keynote

The Open Source community can bring users and developers together organically through the Internet, allowing them to cross organizational boundaries and collaborate effectively for a common goal. In order for everyone to embrace an open and transparent culture with win-win cooperation and to nurture a healthy Open Source ecology, we need to actively integrate with successful Open Source communities in the industry to learn from their experiences and at the same time cultivate an organically growing open source community within the organization. In this sharing, Willem Jiang will combine his 15 years of open source experience to show you the exploration journey of cultivating Open Source communities.


He is a member of Apache Software Foundation, a mentor of Apache Software Foundation Incubator, a founder of ALC Beijing, a technical expert of Huawei Open Source Competence Center, and a former chief software engineer of Red Hat Software.