Technology for Good and the Road of Social Value Innovation

Mark Shan

Chinese Session 2021-08-06 10:50 GMT+8  #keynote

The speaker will share with the audience Tencent Cloud’s continued investment in open source, its achievements and outlook, including the progress of Apache InLong, a project currently in the ASF incubator, and explain the vision of how technology for good and open source can achieve social value innovation.


Mark Shan is the Chairman of Tencent Open Source Alliance and has more than ten years of hands-on experience in cloud-native, microservices, edge computing, big data and open source ecology. He is passionate about Tencent’s continued efforts to build a healthy open source community and is committed to working on open source to accelerate technology and product innovation. At Tencent Cloud, he also leads the open source ecology team and works with international open source organizations such as Apache Software Foundation, Linux Foundation, CNCF, and Open Atomic Open Source Foundation for global open source innovation collaboration. He is also actively involved in domestic and international open source communities, serving as an observer of the Linux Foundation Board, Chairman of the TARS Foundation Board, Linux Foundation Akraino Edge Computing TSC, Open Atomic Open Source Foundation TOC, Magnolia Open Source Community TOC, Technical Expert of China Cloud Native Industry Alliance, and Advisory Board Member of Open Source Society.

He has received awards such as InfoQ Top 10 Outstanding Contributors to Open Source, China ICT Academy Pinnacle Open Source Personality, COPU China Outstanding Open Source Personality, SegmentFault China Open Source Pioneer, GOPS Microservices Person of the Year, and Go China Most Valuable Expert.