The Road of Open Source Big Data in Alibaba

Feng Wang

Chinese Session 2021-08-08 10:50 GMT+8  #keynote

Alibaba has been adhering to the dual-track development model of self-research and open source in the direction of big data technology, actively embracing the open source ecology on the basis of good self-research, especially in recent years, with the continuous high-speed development of Ali cloud business, the cloud product system based on open source technology ecology is increasingly favored by the market. Alibaba started to build the first generation of big data platform - Cloud Ladder based on Apache Hadoop 12 years ago, and started to vigorously promote the development of Apache Flink community from 2016, and now Alibaba has become the world’s largest contributor and promoter of Apache Flink community. The Alibaba Open Source Big Data team has trained more than 30 Apache Top Project Commiter / PMC Members and many ASF Members. In this talk, we will introduce Alibaba’s open source Big Data technology development history and future plans in the past 10 years.


Feng Wang, also known as Mo Wen, is an Alibaba researcher and the head of open source big data platform. He is currently leading a team to build Alibaba’s open source big data product system based on open source big data technology, including Flink-based real-time computing service, Hadoop/Spark-based E-MapReduce platform and new generation data lake analysis products, which not only serve all real-time data business of Alibaba Group internally, but also provide the world’s leading open source big data computing service to the majority of small and medium enterprises through Alibaba Cloud. It not only serves Alibaba Group’s real-time data business internally, but also provides the world’s leading open source big data computing services for small and medium enterprises through AliCloud.