Workflow/Data Process

Track Chairs : Wei Guo

Tools of Workflow and Data Governance can deal with complex data processing jobs, meta-data and data quality. There are a variety of projects in ASF that provide a variety of Workflow and Data Governance solutions. For example, Apache AirflowApache Dolphin SchedulerApache Oozie provide powerful data workflow platform, and Apache Atlas and Apache Griffin provide meta data and data quality management. You will not only learn about the practical experience of first-line users in applying these Apache projects to data projects, but also learn about the latest developments in the ecology of these Apache Workflow and Data Governance projects, and visions on this project in the future.


13:30 GMT+8 The Practice of Apache DolphinScheduler as a unified scheduler center in Lenovo Chinese Session Gang Li

14:10 GMT+8 In-depth practice of Apache Oozie Chinese Session 张俊帆

14:50 GMT+8 Secondary development and practice of Apache DolphinScheduler scheduling in Unicom big data Chinese Session 刘武


13:10 GMT+8 Apache DolphinScheduler with Kubernetes for Big Data Processing Chinese Session Liu Dingzheng

13:50 GMT+8 oppo Data processing platform based on Apache Seatunnel Chinese Session 范未太

14:30 GMT+8 The improvement and application of DolphinScheduler in BIGO Chinese Session XU SHUAI

15:10 GMT+8 DolphinScheduler application in T3 one-stop travel platform Chinese Session 李心恺,赵玉威


13:30 GMT+8 How to make more people benefit from data processing in the bank Chinese Session 陈卫

14:10 GMT+8 Apache Linkis data processing practices Chinese Session 李孟