Track Chairs : Yu Xiao

The General track of Community Over Code.


13:30 GMT+8 Based on EventMesh, we build a very large scale cloud-native event grid -EventGrid Chinese Session 王海军,薛炜明

14:00 GMT+8 Apache Royale Externs English Session Alina Kazi

14:30 GMT+8 Unify role-based access control mechanisms for AD, Linux, and Apache Openmeetings Chinese Session 刘文涛

15:00 GMT+8 What's inside a Smartphone? Exploring the internals with Apache NuttX Real-Time Operating System English Session Lup Yuen Lee

15:45 GMT+8 How to Help Apache Kafka Achieve Elasticity Based on Cloud-Native Technology Chinese Session 韩旭

16:15 GMT+8 Apache HugeGraph Database Application and Tuning for Lalamove Chinese Session 杨嘉奇