Call for Presentations

Speakers are being sought for Keynotes, Endnotes & and presentations related to the following topics:
  • Open Source Software
  • Career Development
  • Apache Projects or CARE Projects
  • CyberSecurity
  • Open Source Software in Government
  • Please take a look at the schedule and Submit Your Proposal.

    Talk lengths vary:

    • Endnote/Keynote - 25 minutes
    • Career Development Talks - 25 minutes
    • Standard Talks - 45 minutes (NOTE: one slot is 10 minutes shorter)

    We will have a screen, projector, wireless mic or podium mic and sessions will be recorded with a statically aimed camera.

    Speakers receive a free attendance, reimbursement for parking and our sincere thanks.

    There will also be a speakers & sponsors dinner on the night of March 24th.