NOTE: The Career Fair starts at 10AM and runs until at least 3PM

8:00a - Registration, Continental Breakfast & Career Fair

Keynote: 9:00a

JimJagielski Jim Jagielski: Why Open Source is Vital in IT, (ConSensys / Apache HTTP & Tomcat)

Abstract. At its core, any IT development done in today’s environment needs to leverage, consume, and involve open source. This session will describe what open source is, why open source works, and how to fully engage with the open source community. Whether knowledgeable about open source, or requiring an intro to the topic, this session is for you. Suitable for both developers as well as managers and CXO-level execs.

Dawn of the Code War: Book Signing

CarlinJohn DawnOfTheCodeWar

John P. Carlin, former Assistant Attorney General for the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) National Security Division (NSD), chairs Morrison & Foerster’s Global Risk + Crisis Management practice and co-chairs the National Security practice, where he advises industry-leading organizations in sensitive cyber- and other national security matters. He is the author of Dawn of the Code War: America’s Battle Against Russia, China, and the Rising Global Cyber Threat, which provides an inside look into how we combat daily attacks on United States companies, citizens and government. Prior to serving as the DOJ’s highest-ranking national security lawyer, Mr. Carlin served as Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III. Under his leadership, the NSD launched nationwide outreach across industries to raise awareness of national security, cyber- and espionage threats against US companies and encourage greater C-suite involvement in corporate cybersecurity matters. Mr. Carlin also chairs the Aspen Institute’s Cybersecurity and Technology policy program, which provides a cross-disciplinary forum for industry, government, and media to address the rapidly developing landscape of digital threats and craft appropriate policy solutions.


Time Room A Room B
9:15a The Apache Way: The Heart and Soul of the ASF [Apache Track] , Jim Jagielski (ConSensys / Apache HTTP & Tomcat) More Hacks for getting a great job that's right for you [Career Track] , Michael Rizzo (BMC Software) More
9:45a From no OSS contributions to Apache PMC in 16 months. [Apache Track] , Rob Tompkins (Capital One / Apache Commons) More You want to be at a company that gives its code away. [Career Track] , Gil Yehuda (Verizon Media) More

10:15a - Mid-morning Coffee Break @ Sponsor Booths

Time Room A Room B
10:45a Hadoop {Submarine} Project: Running deep learning workloads on YARN [Apache Track] , Tim Spann (Cloudera) More Your career is what you make it, so what will you make? [Career Track] , Nakia Powell (Intel) More
11:15a Need for speed: Boosting Apache Cassandra's performance using Netty [Apache Track] , Dinesh Joshi (IEEE / Apache Cassandra) More Digital Artifact Persistence, Extraction, Analysis, and Manipulation [CARE Track] , Jim Jones (George Mason University) More
11:45a Building a Better Knowledge Graph Pipeline [Apache Track] , Nathan Maynes (Thomson Reuters Special Services) More Using OSS to enhance Cyber dataset [Cyber Track] , Eddie Satterly (DataNexus) More

12:15p - 1:15p: Lunch Talks

Room A Room B (Location to be determined) (WebEx:
About Docker Container(s) , Srinivasa "Naga" Kadiyala (Deloitte) More Fast and Flexible Data Integrations with Apache Airflow , Michael Ghen (Benefits Data Trust) More Keysigning Party , Tim Allison (MITRE / Apache Lucene/Solr, Apache Tika, Apache POI and Apache PDFBox) More Ballerina: Cloud Native Programming Language , Nuwan Bandara (WSO2) More

Afternoon sessions.

Time Room A Room B
1:15p CARE: Local Governments, Cybersecurity Governance and Open Source Software [CARE Track] , J.P. Auffret (Geroge Mason University) More Schemas, Records, and Registries with Apache NiFi [Apache Track] , Bryan Bende (Cloudera / Apache NiFi) More
1:45p Cloud Native Threat Modelling at Data-Center Scale [Cyber Track] , Jay Vyas (Platform 9) More Apache cTAKES - NLP in Healthcare [Gov't Track] , Alexandru Zbarcea (Fannie Mae) More
2:15p The Anatomy of a Secure Java Web App Using Apache Fortress [Cyber Track] , Shawn McKinney (Symas / Apache Directory) More Apache role in Healthcare and Disaster Relief [Gov't Track] , Hadrian Zbarcea (apifocal / Apache ActiveMQ) More
Happy 20th Birthday to Apache!

2:45p - Mid-Afternoon Snack @ Sponsor Booths; Happy 20th Anniversary, ASF.

Time Room A Room B
3:15p Drilling Security Data: Rapid Analysis of Security Data with Apache Drill [Cyber Track] , Charles S. Givre (Deutsch Bank) More Search Relevance Tuning [Gov't Track] , Tim Allison (MITRE / Apache Lucene/Solr, Apache Tika, Apache POI and Apache PDFBox) More
3:45p Locking Down Apache Tomcat: Practical Security for Real-world Applications [Cyber Track] , Christopher Schultz (Total Child Health, Inc. / Apache Tomcat & Apache Velocity) More Securely Consuming Government Data with Apache Daffodil and DFDL [Gov't Track] , Steve Lawrence (Tresys / Apache Daffodil) More
4:15p Government IT Modernization in Practice: How Apache Ignite Adds Speed, Scale and Agility to Applications, APIs and Real-time Analytics [Gov't Track] , Glenn Wiebe (GridGain) More Apache Rya – A Scalable RDF Triple Store [Gov't Track] , Adina Crainiceanu (US Naval Academy / Apache Rya) More

4:45p - Endnote by Kevin A. McGrail Open Source Challenges

5:15p - Post-Event Happy Hour at Oh George's (cash bar, food & non-alcoholic drinks) - - $2 off drafts and wine by the glass

* Schedule subject to change.