MTOP: Highly Concurrency and highly reliable API gateway based on Tomcat

Xinwei Wu

Chinese Session 2021-08-08 14:10 GMT+8  #webserverandtomcat

As the API gateway of Taobao’s e-commerce system and even Alibaba Group, MTOP carries hundreds of thousands of APIs, with daily traffic reaching tens of billions. MTOP built a highly concurrency and highly reliable API gateway based on Apache Tomcat, which has passed the test of large e-commerce systems for a long time with large traffic. This talk will introduce the MTOP gateway and how to achieve the above capabilities based on Tomcat.


  • Introduction to MTOP API Gateway
  • How MTOP builds API gateway with Tomcat
  • The future work of MTOP

How the audience will benefit:

  • How to build API gateway with Tomcat
  • asynchronized thread model in MTOP
  • MTOP API Gateway design and roadmap


Xinwei, Wu: He is working in Alibaba Group, currently in charge of Mtop, the mobile application gateway of Taobao, and has been involved in the development and implementation of Taobao application architecture upgrade and adaptive flow control.