Apache Pulsar Application and Practice under Tencent Million Topics

Xiaolong Ran(冉小龙)

Chinese Session 2021-08-08 14:50 GMT+8  #messaging

Apache Pulsar is a next-generation cloud-native distributed message flow platform that integrates messaging, storage, and serverless. It uses an architecture design scheme that separates computing and storage and uses hierarchical sharding.

Apache Pulsar has successfully supported the massive data and traffic of multiple business scenarios within Tencent Cloud. This talk will focus on Tencent’s massive data access practice and share with you the practice and operation and maintenance experience of Apache Pulsar under millions of Topics.


Xiaolong Ran:He joined Tencent in 2019 and is now responsible for the construction of Tencent Cloud TDMQ, dedicated to building stable, efficient and scalable underlying foundation components and services.