RBAC authorization in Pulsar

Zike Yang

Chinese Session 2021-08-08 15:30 GMT+8  #messaging

RBAC(Role-based access control) is a method for controlling system access based on the roles of individual users. RBAC uses the mapping relationship between users and roles and the permissions corresponding to each role to determine whether each user can take action on some resources. Pulsar uses Casbin to implement the RBAC authorization method. By enabling RBAC authorization method, you can manage which role a user belongs to and what permissions the role has for a certain resource. This talk introduces the RBAC authorization in Pulsar. I’ll explain the basic RBAC concepts and the principle of the Casbin, introduce how to enable RBAC authorization for Pulsar using Casbin Provider, how to set up and manage permissions in Pulsar using RBAC, and how to use Zookeeper Adapter for RBAC in Pulsar.


Zike Yang: Zike Yang works as a software engineer at StreamNative. He has been involved in the Pulsar community since 2020.