The next generation messaging and streaming platform - Apache RocketMQ 5.0

杜 恒

Chinese Session 2021-08-07 13:30 GMT+8  #messaging

In order to better serve the next decade and make Apache RocketMQ the data infrastructure of the cloud, there have been numerous discussions and explorations within the community that RocketMQ should become a cloud-native messaging and streaming processing platform for building event-driven applications. Apache RocketMQ 5.0 is on a mission to do just that. This session is divided into four parts. (1) A summary of the scenarios and challenges of using Apache RocketMQ in the past decade from different perspectives, including small, medium and large Internet companies, cloud vendors, etc.

(2) Challenges and opportunities for the traditional infrastructure of message queues in the cloud-native era.

(3) Focus on sharing several important features that the Apache RocketMQ 5.0 community is working on, including a new consumption model, server-side load balancing, lossless elastic scaling, separable storage compute separation, etc.

(4) The Apache RocketMQ 5.0 roadmap, and the designs that Apache RocketMQ will always stick to and the ones that will change.


Du Heng: Du Heng is an Apache RocketMQ PMC Member/committer and Linux OpenMessaging TSC Member, currently responsible for RocketMQ commercialization and open ecology building in AliCloud. He has many years of experience in distributed middleware development, scale up delivery, systematization and operation and maintenance. He is currently interested in distributed messaging middleware, K8s, microservices, IoT, and Serverless