The ecosystem of Apache Rocketmq

Li Qipeng(厉启鹏)

Chinese Session 2021-08-07 15:30 GMT+8  #messaging

This presentation will focus on the subprojects around rocketmq. As an open source unified messaging engine, rocketmq is very important for the compatibility of its open source projects. Therefore, rocketmq community has launched many subprojects to support different technical directions. For example, rocketmq operator is mainly used to support the automatic deployment and operation of rocketmq on k8s platform. Multi language client project can make the application program developed by C + +, python, golang and other languages use rocketmq and so on.

This topic mainly introduces the basic functions, application cases, and best practice of rocketmq subprojects, and looks forward to the subprojects that rocketmq may launch in the future.


Li Qipeng: Li Qipeng is currently working in Alibaba cloud as a technical expert and an open-source contributor. He is PMC member and committer of Apache RocketMQ project and the initiator of Apache RocketMQ urban community.