StreamPipes’ New Kids on the Block: An Introduction to Edge Extensions, Client API and Data Explorer

Dominik Riemer, Patrick Wiener

English Session 2021-08-08 14:10 GMT+8  #iot

Several community initiatives are working on major feature extensions to Apache StreamPipes which aim to ease the time-consuming task of analyzing Industrial IoT data in a self-service manner. In this talk, we focus on a feature tour of the three latest Apache StreamPipes features that are to be introduced in 2021: First, we introduce StreamPipes Edge Extensions, which allow users to flexibly select deployment targets of pipeline elements, enabling geographic distribution of pipeline elements over the edge-to-cloud continuum. Second, integration of StreamPipes with external applications is significantly improved with the Apache StreamPipes API & Client libraries, a new developer-oriented way to interact with StreamPipes concepts programmatically. Finally, we demonstrate the recently introduced data explorer which eases the interaction and visual exploration of persisted data streams in StreamPipes. The talk will be accompanied by several live demos that illustrate the practical outcome for Apache StreamPipes users.


Dominik Riemer: Dominik Riemer is a senior researcher and division manager at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology. His technical work is focused around stream processing in Industrial IoT applications. He is a co-initiator and PPMC member of Apache StreamPipes, a self-service industrial IoT toolbox.

Patrick Wiener: Patrick Wiener currently works at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe. His research interests include Distributed Computing (Cloud, Edge/Fog Computing), IoT, and Stream Processing. Patrick is an expert for infrastructure management such as containers and container orchestration frameworks. He has worked in several public-funded research projects and industry projects related to Big Data Management and Stream Processing in domains such as manufacturing, logistics and geographical information systems.