IoT and IIoT

Track Chairs : Xiangdong Huang, Christofer Dutz

Recent years, the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications show the requirements about the embedded operation system, data collection from the side, data management both on the side and the cloud, and data analysis technologies. The Apache Software Foundation provides many related projects, like Apache IoTDB, Apache Mynewt, Apache PLC4X and Apache Streampipes to meet users' requirements.

This track will introduce the recent progress, some core technologies and the use experience of IoT related Apache projects (Call For Paper). It will be a great feast for all users and developers who are interested in IoT/IIoT applications.


13:30 GMT+8 Apache PLC4X for CAN bus and CANopen English Session Łukasz Dywicki

14:10 GMT+8 Better and better: new features of Apache IoTDB Chinese Session Xiangdong Huang(黄向东)

14:50 GMT+8 IoTDB-Quality:Data quality library for time series data Chinese Session 王浩宇

15:30 GMT+8 Democratizing ML Pipelines using StreamPipes: Flexible Model Integration and Serving for Industrial IoT Applications English Session Philipp Zehnder, Marco Heyden


13:30 GMT+8 High Security IIoT Communication with Apache PLC4X English Session Christofer Dutz

14:10 GMT+8 StreamPipes’ New Kids on the Block: An Introduction to Edge Extensions, Client API and Data Explorer English Session Dominik Riemer, Patrick Wiener

14:50 GMT+8 Build Your own Led Racing game with Kafka Event Streams English Session Igor De Souza

15:30 GMT+8 Application of IoTDB in the field of home medical care Chinese Session Chao Qin