Build Your own Led Racing game with Kafka Event Streams

Igor De Souza

English Session 2021-08-08 14:50 GMT+8  #iot

In this session, you will learn powerful Kafka concepts and techniques to upscale your skills in a fun way combining Kafka and Raspberry PI in a Led Strip game. Minimalist cars race with a Led strip and two switches where the speed of the car is proportional to the pulsations of the control button. What if you could play with the game to generate data and learn how to build a scoreboard and game statistics using Kafka.


Igor De Souza: Igor is the principal Solution Architect at Oracle with good Software Engineer background that likes to play with Raspberry Pi in his free time. Before joining Oracle, He was responsible for designing, developing, delivering, and maintaining platform services and cloud infrastructure for mission-critical systems. Head developer of Red Sqirl a flexible web drag-and-drop Big Data analytics platform that translates a canvas into an Oozie workflow that runs on the top of Hadoop. Igor has been working with java for over 15 years. He organizes a Facebook group for Brazilian IT people in Ireland with 11k participants. Currently, he has a project to Transforming famous people’s Tweets into cash.