High Security IIoT Communication with Apache PLC4X

Christofer Dutz

English Session 2021-08-08 13:30 GMT+8  #iot

In the industrial IoT sector one question always bugged me, as it was usually a show-stopper: “Is this stuff certified?”

Let’s face it! Open-Source and Certified software usually doesn’t match. So I invested a lot of thought, how to blast this argument off the table. What we came up with in the Apache PLC4X project was: Passive Mode Drivers.

With our Passive Mode Drivers we are able to make IoT data available in insecure networks without compromising the high-security production network.

Let me take you on a tour through what we call: Secure by design IIoT communication.


Christofer Dutz: Christofer is the son of an electrical engineer and grew up with industrial hardware. He is the initiator and VP of the Apache PLC4X project. He’s also an Apache Member and involved in many Apache project and also projects outside of the ASF. Being a part of the Apache Incubator, he’s also investing a lot of his time in mentoring new Apache projects in the incubator.