Building and maintaining an army of Camels to tackle your Cloud Native Problems

Christina Lin

English Session 2021-08-06 14:10 GMT+8  #integration

Getting Started with Apache Camel ? This session is for you. This will not touch on learning HOW to write camel routes. But every other thing around Camel. Focusing on Cloud Native ways. From what IDE tools, testing frameworks, scaling instance, configuring, CI/CD processes and lastly monitoring. Let’s dive into the life of a Camel application. From its birth to a working Camel, and how they can be managed throughout its lifecycle. We will be looking at two different ways using Camel Quarkus and Camel K.


Christina Lin: Christina Lin is the Technical Evangelist for Red Hat Middleware Integration Products. She helps to grow market awareness and establish thought leadership for Fuse, AMQ and 3scale. By creating online videos, getting started blogs and also spoke at many conference around the globe. She has worked in software integration for the finance, telecom, and manufacturing industries, mostly architectural design and implementation. These real life system experiences help her to be practical and combine open source technology, she hopes to bring more innovative ideas for the future system development.