Track Chairs : Willem Jiang, Zoran Regvart, María Arias de Reyna

Integration is a method and technology that integrates heterogeneous systems based on various platforms and with different solutions. There are a variety of projects in ASF that provide a variety of integrated solutions. For example, Apache Camel provides application integration solutions, Apache Gobblin provides data integration solutions. In the integration topic, you will not only learn about the practical experience of first-line users in applying these Apache projects to integration projects, but also learn about the latest developments in the ecology of these Apache integration projects, and visions on where software integration is heading in the future.


13:30 GMT+8 Apache Camel 3: the next generation of enterprise integration English Session Claus Ibsen, Andrea Cosentino

14:10 GMT+8 Building and maintaining an army of Camels to tackle your Cloud Native Problems English Session Christina Lin

14:50 GMT+8 From Camel to Kamelets: new connectors for event-driven applications English Session Nicola Ferraro

15:30 GMT+8 Integration as a Script -- Integration made easy with Apache Camel and JBang English Session Tadayoshi Sato


13:30 GMT+8 Huawei Cloud ROMA Connect : Enterprise integration platform with Apache Camel English Session Eugene Chan, Reji Mathews

14:10 GMT+8 Introduction of Camel Quarkus Chinese Session 冯征

14:50 GMT+8 Apache projects, let's embrace ARM! English Session Martin Grigorov, Yikun Jiang, Sheng Liu

15:30 GMT+8 How to integrate LDAP & Active Directory with Apache Openmeetings English Session Wentao Liu