Integration as a Script -- Integration made easy with Apache Camel and JBang

Tadayoshi Sato

English Session 2021-08-06 15:30 GMT+8  #integration

In this session, I’ll talk about how easily you can write code that integrates systems with Apache Camel and JBang. Apache Camel is the swiss knife Java framework for integrations, and JBang is a command-line developer tool for running Java programs as a script. Here is the outline (draft) of the session:

  • the idea of Integration as a Script, and how easy you can make day-to-day integration tasks,
  • brief introduction to Apache Camel and JBang,
  • compare the standard development steps of a Camel application (w/ Quarkus or Spring Boot) with scripting Camel code,
  • how to script a Camel route with JBang (both *.java and *.jsh),
  • common pitfalls and some advanced tips,
  • and on related projects: Camel K, ICamel (a Jupyter kernel).


Tadayoshi Sato: An open-source software engineer working for Red Hat, and Apache Camel / Hawtio committer.